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Related post: Date: Sat, 11 Jan 2003 11:40:02 +0000 (GMT) From: T J Subject: Rebecca & Mike's ski trip 2As was now our usual practice after one of our nookie sessions (the term Michael and I had gotten used to calling them), to unwind and clean up we took turns to use the showers, looking to return to the room refreshed, chatty, and of course all the time anticipating the next round of activity. Back at the professor's house the huge upstairs shower room was complemented by two showers out by the jacuzzi, so showers for four people at any one time. That meant usually 2-3 rounds of showers. At the chalet, in addition to the en-suite there were only 3 other showers, and all were one-person cubicles, so that meant we had the same routine of youngster's first, grown up later. Whilst Susan, Sam, Maria and Clare went sexy girls preteen first, as back in England the grown-ups re-organized the cushions and towels, replenished the drinks, and mulled over the previous hours exploits until the showers came free. Oftentimes Michael and I shared in all this conversation, but at other times left before the end to go shower ourselves. This time we stayed.Jill noted how accomplished a lover Maria was becoming, particularly preteen naturist art after the final week of term when Jill and Helen arranged preteen gang rape for Clare preteen naked nymphets to board at school with Maria in place of her sick room-mate. That week they had been inseparable. With Clare's sensitive nature and experience, in just a few short days Maria had learned so much about her own body, as well as some of the 'social graces' of group sex interaction. Maria and her mom had then talked at length about it in the run up to the holiday. Helen commented that she felt this was why she herself was feeling more and more comfortable, not just with us but with Maria's attentions in particular. Clare's gift had been to help Maria cum more quickly with less stimulation (thereby avoiding her clit getting sore), and also to cum less intensively - hence less of the thrashing about and such - but more frequently. Whilst Maria and Helen best underground preteen had talked a lot about it, Helen noted she wanted to try and learn some of the techniques herself this week. With that Jill leaned over to kiss her cheek and tell her how much we would all love to help. I toasted a glass of wine to Helen, and she smiled mischievously back. God I couldn't wait to be with her.Another benefit of Clare's week-long stay was Maria's preteen nudism google increasing keenness to be around cock, and to see her girlfriends enjoy it. Sam was her favourite male. One element was she felt less threatened by a younger, less well endowed boy. Another was knowing he was just wonderful he lia pre teen was preteen videos thong at returning the favour of oral sex, thanks to a twice daily ritual with Susan. Thirdly she had one over on Clare and Susan - she could have Sam inside her, and that made it special.One of the great experiences of the last time we'd all met had been Susan wearing Clare's dildo and riding her sister. That had been Maria's suggestion and all involved and watching knew we had witnessed something very special. That particular dildo was too big for Susan to accept, but Jill then commented that Susan's Christmas present had been a similar but smaller strap on device that Susan could take inside her. Jill had since made love to Susan twice wearing the contraption, and Susan was apparently insatiable. "Now I know some of how she makes you preteen facebook feel, Michael", said Jill. Smiles all round - Michael made all the girls feel great, and we loved that he could feel some of our appreciationWith Michael being Susan's only cock, her demands had been extremely wearing, but ultimately wonderful, for Michael and I. We'd spent some of our best hours in her company, along with Mai-Ling, helping Susan to master some of her natural instincts for shagging into the art form that it is. Michael amazed us all at his tenderness and endurance. Lets say that whilst Susan was always completely preteen erotic photo satisfied, both Mai-Ling and myself usually were too. It helps being totally bisexual, of course, so that we girls pleasured eachother all ukraine preteen pic the time too, but still Michael had been awesome.Over the last few weeks I had come to a peace with myself being just that - totally bisexual. The only thing I could identify that might classify me as a more hetro than gay, was knowing that Michael was my number 1. Jill felt the same as me, the professor being the man in her life. Mai-Ling and Susan were both like us as well, albeit with no main man just now. Clare leant a little more toward girls, Helen a little more again, and Maria probably the most. We girls had a great time with them, but as we've seen, Maria's growing appreciation and willingness to play with more cock kept her very much within our fold.For the boys, over the weeks as Michael slightly withdrew from sucking cock, the professor had shown himself to be more than willing love nude preteen to provide such services. The best moment for me had been our last weekend, after the bi film show, with his capacity to switch from complete satisfaction of Mai- Ling and Jill young tight preteens to taking both Michael and Sam simultaneously in his mouth whilst I rode him. He brought them both to orgasm whilst I was taking his length inside me, cumming myself while Michael came on the professor's face. While Clare and Susan lapped up that cum and cleaned the boy's cocks, I came on the professor, eventually coaxing him to climax deep inside me. That was some session that was - I had that achy feeling inside me for days from riding his huge cock like I had. It was wonderful.Michael definitely still favoured preteens pedofilia girls, but, as noted earlier, was very much back into giving blow-jobs. Sam meantime swayed between favouring boys and girls. We didn't really know, and frankly it homemade preteensporn was not of a great concern to any of us, but he was certainly the most frequent giver of blow jobs. He had a fabulous attitude and an ability to repeat - 6 times in one afternoon / evening - and cum in volume that Michael and the professor were only too willing to help him with - if you can't beat them, join them, as it were.We'd been talking about cum kisses and blow jobs when Susan and Sam shouted through that their showers were free. Michael and I took one - it was a squeeze, but we anted to be together - and Helen the other. I could sense Mai-Ling was hanging back to go with Jill to the en-suite, in part to set up the bedroom for later, but also no doubt so that they could have eachother in the shower.Whilst public sex between us was the overwhelming norm, private sex - that not in the main room so watchable and for us to join - was accepted between Michael and I, Jill and the professor, and Mai-Ling and anyone. The latter was because sessions with Mai-Ling tended to be both educational and also to get some point across about how we were feeling or to chat afterward about our sexuality or something. As the group connector sex to preteen she had special rights to take one or more of us aside. She'd done it only a couple of times - with nnude pre teens Michael and I on the first week, and brazilian preteen tgp since with Maria and, separately, with Helen. The other private sex occasions were all 'waking up with' preteen tights sessions, and tended to be all that we required.By the time Michael and I got back from showering, Maria, wearing a school uniform, or rather just the blouse, tie, tiny skirt and white ankle socks of one, was 69ing with Sam on the couch. Michael and I were both in Kimono's, our Christmas presents to eachother. The sight of indian preteens girls Sam and Marian made me reach behind me for his cock and I felt it swell immediately. On the other couch Susan had just finished lubricating Clare's strap on dildo. When she looked around at us she could see I me massaging Michael's cock. Completely naked, Susan walked across the sunken living area preteen virgin erotica towards us. We were still two steps up, putting Susan at a perfect height to suck on Michael. She asked if I could strap her up, passing me the dildo. As I took it she placed her lips on Michaels cock preteens porno party and began sucking. I guess I could have fitted the strap on more quickly than I did, but I was just fascinated watching this little minx suck on my boyfriends cock. I stroked her thighs and spread some of the lube into her pussy and rubbed my own against her ass. Once I'd got it fitted she withdrew Michael from her mouth, smiled up at us and said "lets go get Maria". preteen panty tgp I'd only seen Susan wear this once before, when she had ridden Clare. But seeing Susan standing before us, butt naked with an 7-8" strap on protruding proudly out before her, and a smile so mischievous you just knew she was up to no good, it brought waves of juices to my pussy. "If that was real", I thought, "she'd make the perfect she-male".The next scene had clearly been agreed between the three of them before hand. Sam had got Maria very wet indeed, and Susan was going to shag her from behind, with Sam still lying beneath her, his cock in her mouth. We knelt down on the floor near them. I began stroking Maria's back and ass, and fondled her kds preteen nude breasts. She looked over to me and smiled. I kissed her softly.Michael meantime worked his way up Sam's legs and began to help Maria with Sam's cock, first with his hands, and then, as she felt the presence of Susan at her entrance, with his teen photospreteen vagina mouth. As I watched Michael consume Sam and expertly work his cock, my juices began to flow notably. I had a fantasy of Michael sucking cock from the first weeks of meeting him. Now I knew preteen incest nudes he too enjoyed it so much, to actually view preteen sex jpg it made me very wet indeed. Sam stopped licking Maria sexy nude preteen for a moment as she raised herself a little and reached between her legs to pull the dildo, and Susan, into her hole. For 20-30 seconds I was mesmerized by the scene of Maria's pussy, but it was Sam who had the best view, watching very closely from underneath. As Michael continued preteen nude 4free to suck, before long Sam exploded cum into his mouth. Maria immediately moved in to take a few spurts herself, and between them they licked him dry, cum kissed feverishly, and swallowed everything Sam had to give.I turned my attention to Susan and began to play with her breasts, kiss her, and move my hand to her ass to encourage her further entrance. Maria was ready to take the whole dildo - dark pedoland preteens she needed to feel it inside her - and Susan was there to fulfill that need. Sam just lay there, motionless and fascinated, gently allowing his orgasm to subside. As I continued to caress Susan, Michael focused on Maria. For preteen picture galleis a few minutes the shag continued very slowly, but very completely. I got Susan to start using her hands on Maria's body - her back, hips, buttocks and thighs. As Susan drove deeper into Maria, each successive millimetre bought Susan clitoris close and closer to Maria's bum. Soon the nice preteenz fashion pressure of Susan's pelvis meant that the clitoral vibrator began to do its job on her clit, at the same time buzzing gently against Maria's lower pussy and ass. It was driving both the girls crazy.I hadn't noticed initially, but Clare and Helen had joined the room and sat on the other couch fingering eachother, never taking their eyes off the action on our couch. Eventually the professor returned with Mai-Ling and Jill. They went quickly to kneel in front of Clare and Helen, and began to lick them out. The professor went to the side a few minutes, and I could watch him stroking himself as he watched Susan and Maria begin to lose themselves.It was Sam's resumption of licking Maria clit that, a minute or two later, brought the first of two crashing orgasms. Michael held her close, stroking her, loving her. Helen followed moments later, clearly sparked by the pleasure her daughter was feeling. As Michael stroked Maria through her post coital bliss, Sam began to re-work her clit. I continued to work on Susan, and preteen models nudest it soon became evident we could get the two girls to cum quite quickly. It was Susan who sex preteen movie came first. As I held her thrusting hips, the action preteen xxx extreme of the dildo, vibrator, and Sam brought off Maria preteens boys models for a second time. They were both really powerful orgasms.I was kneeling chill porn preteen up on the couch now, hugging Susan from behind, keeping her inserted, keeping her from falling. Seconds later Clare followed the girls before her and came heavily into her mother's mouth. Sensing the girls feelings perfectly Michael reached over and switched off the vibrator, but Susan and Maria remained firmly locked with eachother for another minute or so as their orgasms subsided and the kissing - Susan and I, Michael and Maria - became softer and less frantic. But Mai-Ling hadn't stopped with Helen, and I was brought back from my trancelike state when Helen came again.It was some minutes later, when we had all disentangled, got comfortable, and drunk a few gulps of wine, that I noted Helen remove the stainless steel vibrator from her insides, and smile at Mai-Ling. This caused a laugh from everyone, and was one of those moments that provided for the transition swedish preteen jpg from sex, though post sexual silence, to the relaxed sexual atmosphere that was so much a part of our group. Mai-Ling took the vibrator and passed it to me, and I instinctively passed it to Maria. With that Susan stood up and walked over to Helen, and without a word Helen began sucking yo preteen russian her daughter's juices off the strap-on dildo just as russian preteen bestiality hungrily as Maria sucked Helen's juices off the hand held vibrator. Watching Helen suck on Susan like she was a boy was a huge turn on to me. I was sitting next to Maria now, with Michael next to me. Maria took the vibrator from her mouth and placed dirty little preteengirls it at the entrance to my pussy. I almost sucked it inside. Wonderful. She touched the first, low speed button, and I positioned myself just how I like it. She then brought herself sideways on, closer, facing me. We began to kiss and fondle eachother. I stroked her pussy and she used the vibrator in mine. I was in heaven.After a session like that Susan knew she was in demand, and it was preteen butt pic a smile from Mai-Ling that sealed it. With a dildo glistening from Maria's juices and Helen's saliva, Mai-Ling took Susan's hand, and then lay back on the rug, pulling Susan on top of her. Moments later they were shagging, and Mai- Ling turned on the stimulator. That would keep them going for a while.Helen took Jill's hand to lead them into a 69 on the couch. The two older women of our picture nude preteen group had a great fondness for eachother. As well as being ever more frequent sexual partners preteenrape pic they seemed to have a connection on a level that transcended the physical act of sex, but contributed so greatly to it. I'm not sure if it was a motherly thing or what, but watching them 69 together was quite different to watching Clare and Maria, or Mai-ling and Susan. When Maria sensed what was going on with her mom, she turned around sweet preteen top and sat next to me, preteen defloration links so we could avidly watch her mom and Jill, and Mai-Ling and Susan, whilst playing with eachother.Across the room Sam had been blowing his father just the way the professor liked it. You could really tell preteen porn models how Susan, Clare, and Sam truly adored sex with their parents. The children had ways of showing their love to their mom and dad that other kids could not express. It was always the kids who initiated family sex. With all the family members being in very young preteens such good shape physically, and with truly beautiful faces, it was little wonder they were all so turned on by eachother. Sam was treating his father to a magnificent blow job. His hand actions, speed changes, sensuality and gentleness were those of a seasoned master. And with such a cock as his father's on which to perfect his techniques, it was little wonder Sam was probably second only to Mai-Ling in giving the best blow-jobs.Both Michael and I were fascinated by the professors cock. It was just so strong, hard, and handsome. That it belonged to such a handsome man who had sex with us almost as often a we liked, was so special. As I continued to play with Maria I dreamed of more cock, more cum. I was getting so turned on at this point that I really began to lose myself with Maria. She had come on so much since our first meeting in the department store that I knew I was really beginning to fancy her on a par with Clare. With the vibrator still doing its job on my pussy I could sense it wanted to explode. And as I explored Maria's folds and clit, I was sensing her near the same levelBy now Clare walked across the room and straddled Michael next to me. As Maria and I kissed and fondled eachother like truly accomplished dykes, Clare rode Michael like a truly accomplished little sex bomb. Stiffened and hardened by the expert mouth of preteen nude imgboard Sam, the professor moved round to feed his cock to the two of them. This took me right back to our first night with the family, sitting on he couch next to Michael with Clare riding him and the two of them sucking preteen porn angels on the professor. How I loved that image. Sam's cock was struggling to perform, but his tongue was still a wonderful thing. I motioned him to come join us, and he was tiny preteen pictures delighted to put his feminine, angelic face in between my legs and suck on my clit. Susan's fondness for this particular vibrator meant Sam knew exactly what he was doing with me, and very soon the combination of his efforts, the vibrator, and the action all around me had me cumming first this time since the shower. Maria relaxed her playing with herself to pretty preteen inocent kiss my neck, fondle my breasts and nuzzle into my shoulder as I lost myself in that most heavenly place.When I came round from my delirious state the session remained in full swing in much the same arrangement as before, continuing for a good few minutes. Wow, I had cum early. Maria kissed me and motioned me underage preteen fisting to Sam. He was hard again, smiling up at me like a beautiful free preteen galeries sex slave, the types the Greek men are said to have had. Michael and I should make him ours. I glanced over at Michael and Clare. She was getting close now, I could preteen slut pic tell. I have to say I wanted either Michael or the preteen nude thumbs professor nudist hot preteen inside me, but there was no way I was going to miss out on Sam, especially after what he'd just done for me. preteen sluts photos I raised myself off the couch and crawled over Sam. Maria joined us and positioned herself facing me over Sam's mouth. I thought the poor guy must be knackered by now, but his tongue seemed to have just as much energy as his cock, and he smiled lustfully as Maria lowered herself onto him. As I did the same on his cock photo preteen topless we steadied eachother with our arms and, once comfortable, began riding our young charge, kissing and caressing eachother.Maria was a new woman since her week with Clare, preteens 12y o and I she was turning me on tonight more so than at any time before. On the couch Helen exploded and that got Maria even more excited. I worked my pussy muscles on preteen bd ls Sam's cock and loved hearing him moan with each squeeze. Next to us Susan was desperately trying to hold back her orgasm whilst Mai-Ling's built. Each time Susan eased her clit off the vibrator Mai-Ling gave her only a couple of seconds before putting her hands on Susan's butt and pulling her back in. In a minute or so Susan's resistance was finished, and she came as completely as at any time before. Mai-Ling herself could only hold on a few seconds more, and came with one of those dual internal-external orgasms that really blow you away. Maria was next - Sam's tongue working her to perfection. Her juices pulsed down into Sams mouth and on his face. She came for about 20 seconds more than had to role off him, and collapsed just by Mail-Ling and Susan. Sam was looking very proud of himself, as well he might. His face glistened with pussy juice that I was now licking and enjoying tremendously. When Sam's orgasm hit preteens rika it was wonderful. It totally wrecked his body. I held him close and still, occasionally squeezing my pussy muscles on his cock, but mostly just holding him inside me, preteen jap girls still and protected. While I held him I heard Jill cumming on the couch, and, from behind me, Clare released her orgasm amongst screams of delight muffled by a mouthful of her dads cock. I rolled off Sam, still holding most of his cum inside me. A now recovered and dildo-less Susan took my underground preteen whores place by kissing and licking Sam's deflated cock clean. She then moved toward preteen sex bestiality me and proceeded to clean me out. I'm not sure if she meant it at first, but she soon noted I responding in the way of somebody who hadn't yet cum and needed preteene anime to. Susan looked up and me, beaming. 'Bonus' she thought, and dived back to my foreign preteen pictures pussy with renewed energy. As she lapped up Sam's leaking cum and nibbled my clit baby preteens nude I looked up to see Clare dismount Michael and collapse on the couch, leaving Michael with his lips around the petite small preteen professors cock and Michael's cock standing to attention but receiving none.I longed for some petite preteens boyz dick. Michael saw me and smiled, but he also looked down at Susan. Whether she meant to or not, and I think she meant to, as she was licking me Susan was wiggling her bum directly at Michael and the professor, and that was what was keeping Michael hard. I could imagine the view. Susan did preteen bondage bbs it for me, hence little wonder she would do it for Michael. The professor looked down at Michael, and followed his gaze to Susan and I. He withdrew from Michael and motioned for him to do something about that wiggling butt, and moved toward me. Whether it was the thought of sucking on the professor or Susan's tongue I'm not sure, but it was probably due to both that I felt my pussy yearn again for its orgasm. It needed just one more flick, but Susan suddenly stopped, because Michael's cock was at her hole. The hand with which she'd been rubbing herself wrapped around his dick and pulled him ever so gently inside her. I now had the professor kneeling beside me, but even raised on my elbows was going to make this a tough sexy preteens kissing blow job. But I wanted him so. As I went to raise myself Susan returned to my pussy and the pleasure took over me. It was at this point that Helen appeared by my side, with Jill at Susan's. I couldn't recall seeing Helen blow the professor, or indeed anyone, but she took that enormous cock in her mouth and sucked it like she'd be doing it all her life. They were just inches preteen banned index from my face and it was beautiful to watch. If I looked just below the professor's dick and between my boobs I could see Susan licking my clit in rhythm with Michael's gentle thrusts. Jill was in fact guiding Susan's counter thrusts with Michael basically still. I returned my focus to Helen with that dick in her mouth. As I watched Susan began bringing me closer again. The professor adjusted his nude preteen petite hips and dick so I could suck on him, Helen providing the hand work, feeding him into me. I could manage it only a short while, because my admin preteen pics orgasm wouldn't hold back any longer. Susan just pressed all the right buttons in sequence, and took me over the edge without another pause. I came as powerfully as I could ever recall. Images danced around my brain: Susan as a real shemale, with the professor's nude preteen photographics dick underneath her bridesmaids dress at our wedding; Michael kneeling at the alter sucking off a priest with 34dd boobs; two alter boys cumming preteen exploited pics on the face of a choir girl; Clare, Jill, Helen and Maria in a carpet munching daisy chain at the preteen pictures latino foot of the preteen lust bare alter, all cumming at once; I was being handed a chalice filled with cum and pussy juice from everyone at the wedding, drinking it down in waves that matched the pulses of my body......I'm not sure how long it nude nauty preteens took me to come round, but I did so to the sound and sights of the professor shooting his cum into Helen's mouth and on her face, with the last few drops dribbling onto my boobs. preteen petite sex At that moment Helen looked the most beautiful thing on earth - after bridesmaid preteen asian galleries Susan giving herself a blow-job and cumming all over her face and tits, maybe - and, as she saw me open my eyes, hers sparkled. She knew she had been part of something special, for her at least, but also for the rest of us. She leant down and little pussy preteen kissed me, and a mouth full of cum passed into my mouth. I swallowed it hungrily and began licking the two streams across uncensored preteen nymphet her face. She sucked them off my tongue and swallowed hard, then moved to my boobs and started licking the cum off them. The professor directed his slightly deflated cock toward my mouth and I preteen incest panties licked and sucked him gently.By my feet Susan began to explode. With Michael deep inside her doggy-style and Jill massaging her clit and ass, for Susan it was another of those internal-external ones nn romanian preteens that just wreck your whole body. Michael stayed strong through the first part, but then the action of Susan's pussy muscles and the whole eroticism of the experience brought preteen nn forums him to his much deserved orgasm. Clare hugged him from behind, kissing his neck, fondling his pecs and keeping his knees from buckling. It was a wonderful sight, one - doggy style - not experienced before between Michael and Susan, and on this evidence they would be many more of them. When Susan eventually started relaxing, it was clear she was completely exhausted. She collapsed into a fetal position, wrapped around my left leg. Jill wrapped herself little pearls preteen around Susan, and they just lay there, breathing and hugging, Jill stroking Susan's hair. I lay back and Helen nuzzled her shoulder into me. She began whispering into ilegal photo preteens my ear about the beauty of that blow job, our cum-kisses and Susan. At that moment Mai-Ling, who'd gone off with Maria and Sam, placed one blanket covering my thighs to my neck, and preteen skirt lift Helen with it, and another covering Jill, Susan, and my lower legs. On the couch Clare and Michael got another blanket. Maria and Sam beautiful preteens naked did not return from the bedroom - I guess they crashed. The professor and Mai-Ling, took themselves off fuck preteen boys to the kitchen. I heard the cork come out of a bottle, but then my sex child preteen mind went blank, as I fell into a blissfully contended post cum sleep.I awoke to giggles from Mai-Ling and the professor. As I stirred so Helen did too, and a few moments later Susan and Jill awoke as preteen foto russia well. Clare and Michael were sharing kisses of wine on the couch opposite. Helen kissed me. "That was beautiful" she said, looking deeply into my eyes."So you like blow jobs ?" I asked her quietly."Always have done" she responded in a barely audible whisper. "I have always nude preteens naked loved cum too, but my husband was, well, a lousy lover. Foreplay just never happened. As soon as he was hard he liked a straight sex, missionary style and that was it. But it was foreplay that got me hot, oral sex that turned me on, and oral sex what I recalled from my school days. I'd played with a few boys before I met russin preteen girls Maria's father, but very few really. It had been mostly girls when I was at school. That's where the lesbian fantasies came from. Oral sex - I just love it." she kissed me again. Her hand came up to squeeze my right breast. "You are really beautiful, Rebecca. What you and Michael have - its the perfect relationship. Same with Jill and George. You have made me whole again. Thank you.". And with that she made to get up, but for a moment I held her hand and caught her eye. It was a really poignant moment. I smiled at her, she smiled back, and placed her hand upon my lips. I kissed her fingers very, very tenderly. She smiled, and then started pulling me up. We'd said more in a couple of seconds than we had in all the time we'd been together over the last two months. I really liked Helen. With cum virgin girls preteens in her mouth she was preteen 16 yr even better.Jill and I led Susan to the bedroom. Sam was already preteen 14 porn sleeping soundly in the fold out couch katja preteen model below the window. Susan wanted me to sleep with her. Both my body and mind yearned to. We managed to wash our teeth and, thanks to the wonderful invention of the 'bidet', clean our pussies too, before collapsing into a deep sleep with Sam. Michael and Helen joined Maria in one bed, and Mai-Ling and Clare took the other. Jill and the professor took the next room. What a night.....
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